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 "Oh hello, my lovely Clara! Tell me, I figure we should go to a place that's historical, like.. Ancient Egypt! Tomb of King Tutankhamen! Maybe even WWII! VE day and VJ day? How would you like that, Clara?" The Doctor yelled, obviously content with his own speech that he didn't let Clara, his faithful companion, the impossible girl, speak it all, until she yelled out at him DOCTOR! She yelled out, with The Doctor looking back at Clara. "I think I will enjoy going to see the Victory Over Europe. Just that, nothing more, got it, you lot?" She responded once again as he nodded, a smile placed across his face as he quickly began to flip switches and buttons, making bleep bloop, vroom ding bing. The Doctor began laughing like the mad man in a box he once one as his reign of the 11th hour. Soon enough the Doctor and his companion would be feeling the hard landing as both held onto something as Clara looked at The Doctor with a surprised face, while the Doctor one of amazement.

"Now... Let us go see what Winston Churchill has in store for us, shall we?" And soon enough The Doctor began running over to the TARDIS front door, Clara clearly behind as he opened it, only for The Doctor to gasp. "Doctor? Doctor, what is it, Doctor?" But she didn't need an explanation when she neared toward the TARDIS's doors.

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"We're going to need a bigger crew."


The Doctor looked at the machine that was haplessly about to kill the poor man, The Doctor looking with a face of fear and astonishment at the robot and at all the bodies.. History should be correct here, he submitted to the location where the Treaty of Versailles was signed. "Doctor, don't just leave him there! Doctor! Doctor!" Clara simply stared at the German soldier, the machine, the man, and at The Doctor, before she gave a gasp and sigh before speeding outside, yelling out to the robot, "Stop! Stop, don't hurt him!" In which the leviathan did stop, then turn around slowly toward her as the German Officer removed the Luger.. Or what looked like a Luger, his gas mask displaying the sheer terror of the Nazi Army as he pointed it at Clara.


But Clara was saved from.. the leviathan? The leviathan quickly hit the Nazi officer, sending him flying as a scream of pain and terror came out before the leviathan went off as though nothing had just happened. The sapless man stared at the walking leviathan and at Clara. When Clara and the man stared at the TARDIS, The Doctor was seen with his Sonic Screwdriver sending a pulse to the leviathan, until it was far enough that it spontaneously blew up near another one of the leviathans. Both tumbled down. The Doctor began signalling the both of them before a squad of armoured Nazi's began running "Haltet sie! Halt! Partisanen!" The Doctor, Clara, and the man ran back inside the TARDIS before closing the door as the Nazi soldiers stood near the door, a muffled and loud voice was heard through the TARDIS door. "Feuer!' Soon, gunfire was placed upon the TARDIS, but it was taken by the TARDIS shield"Hold on, I'm getting us somewhere else!" It took just a few moments for the cloister bell to start ringing from an emergency as they materialized, somewhere off the coast of Scotland. As Clara, The Doctor, and the man walked out, The Doctor walked out and so had the man, before The Doctor asked a simple question.

"Where are we?"




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