Suggestions, Opinions, Concerns, and Fixes

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Suggestions, Opinions, Concerns, and Fixes Empty Suggestions, Opinions, Concerns, and Fixes

Post by ResistingTheEnlightened on Mon Sep 07, 2015 8:01 pm

This topic is simple: If you have any suggestions, opinions, concerns, or if something is broken, please type out your message. It's easy! If you feel that something should be done or any of the such, just send the message, and Upvotes will mean a "Yay" vote to the message while downvotes will be "Nay" votes. In order for something to be done, the status bar must be atleast 75% full by atleast 10 people, yet more could place their votes and thoughts. If it is locked in at 50% for atleast 2 days, then a meeting will be held between moderators in order to deliberate the choice.

What is your suggestion in order to make this place better! Very Happy :

Have an opinion on the current situation? We hope to hear! Surprised :

Concern? We're sorry to hear! Sad Let's fix this problem and get it running better again! :

Is there something wrong? Pages not loading? Something broken? Send in a fix ticket and we'll do our best to fix the problem! Wink :


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