Organizations of Importance in the Multiverse

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Organizations of Importance in the Multiverse Empty Organizations of Importance in the Multiverse

Post by Jongo McDibbles on Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:51 pm

Within this thread I, shall be describing the various organizations at work in the multiverse whose actions influence the game. These organizations all have their own goals and methodologies to achieve them, as well as their own internal feuds, allies and enemies in other organizations.

As players of this game, you may become members of these organizations, but be warned, if you do so you shall take on their responsibilities, feuds, power struggles as your own. Although you will also be in possession of new resources, allies, equipment, knowledge and other such benefits.
It's a question of risk versus reward.

G.O.R.E./The Revanchist
They were known in their official capacity as the Group Opposing Rampant Evil. They are now known as the Revanchist. Their orginial goal was to combat Arch-Demon Akibahra and his forces. Since the death of the Arch-Demon and the murder of one of their leaders, Darth Rex by his colleague and co-leader of the organization, Darth Revan. Immediately after the coup they broke of all ties with their former allies, the Future Foundation and The Coalition, they quit the field and fled, nothing has been heard of them since.

Future Foundation
This organization, formed as a response to civil unrest caused by another organization known as Ultimate Despair. The aims of the Future Foundation are that of restoring order and reducing the suffering and despair of those who suffer as a result of the actions of their enemies, who include Akibahara and his followers. Their current leader, who is alive and well, is Maktoto Naegi, a former student at Hope’s Peak Academy, where both the Future Foundation and Ultimate Despair were formed.

This group, as the name suggests is the product of an alliance between G.O.R.E., the Future Foundation and the Brotherhood of Steel, who funded them heavily and provided them with recruits during their initial founding, hence why they use the logo of the BoS. This group is a fighting force designed to combat all foes that pose a threat to the Multiverse as a whole.

Mage's Association
For many magic users, finding a place to safely practice magic is a difficult task, especially without a community to impart knowledge to you. This is why the Mage’s Association formed, to provide those with magical abilities as a place to practice magic safely, defend the interests and lives of members of the association and develop the very way magic is practiced, to improve it beyond its current limitations. They are enemies to Akibahara and his allies.

The Reapers
A mysterious organization whose goals are to recruit members from the ranks of the dead they deem worthy to join them. They do this by selecting the dead they believe may have a place with them to participate in a “Game” which lasts for a week, if they complete the game without dying a second game the winners are given a choice, join their ranks as other Reapers, or return to the living. They are known for having quite a complicated rank structure, but nowhere near as complicated as the Holy Church.
Despite the undead nature of their existence, they remain allies to the Coalition and belligerents against Arch-Demon Akibahara.

Holy Church
With its base located in Rome, while still headed by The Pope, this religious organization is an international body of notable influence. They maintain close ties with Mage’s association, even going so far as helping to settle internal disputes of the Association by serving as an arbitrary body. Because of its size and age, the Holy Church has many dozens of divisions, sub-divisions, branches and roles, as well as a complicated rank system. For example, it has clergy who see to the needs of the dead, with the expected giving of the last rites, preparing the body to be laid to rest, and conducting of funerals, within that division you will also have Executioners who work to spill blood for the Holy Church in the name of justice.
Because of the fact they are a Church, they are utterly hostile towards Akibahara and his followers.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is an international para-military law enforcement agency with unprecedented resources and influence. They have taken up the responsibility to protect Earth, all versions of Earth, as they are a Multiversal organization from all threats, internal and external. They possess multiple branches of service and specialized rolls, including those of law enforcement, air forces, military strike groups and highly elite commandos who usually have superhuman abilities.

The Crossed
The Crossed are human beings infected with an incurable neurological condition that causes extreme paranoia, rage and removes all personal inhibitions and empathy, causing the infected to become berserk killing machines, acting out on their wildest fantasies with absolutely no regard to the feelings or safety of others. They are ultra-violent, raping, mutilating and killing as they go, often reserving their most sadistic impulses onto those who are uninfected by the disease in hopes of spreading it even further, as a single drop of blood-to-blood contact will set the infection up.
They are known as the crossed because of the blood-red rash that forms on the face of the infected that takes the shape of a cross that goes across the eyes and down the forehead, nose and down to the chin.

Mira-Curtiss Partnership
A huge business conglomerate of nearly unfathomable wealth and influence, that provides millions of services and products across the Multiverse from the mundane such as shoelaces, to cutting edge medical and military technologies.
Their first business endeavour was to buy a hotel that acted as a hub for travellers from across the Multiverse. This is where Jade Curtiss and Melodia of Mira first met and quickly went into a business partnership.
Since the self-imposed exile of The Revanchist they remain the sole contacts with organization with the outside world, providing them with services and products necessary to keep an army functioning.

The Order
The Order is a cult that worships Arch-Demon Akibahara that used to hold their headquarters in the desolate and very strange little town of Silent Hill. They are currently a shadow of their former selves, their leadership, figure of worship; infrastructure and many of its members are dead or destroyed. They now operate in absolute secrecy, using manipulation to get their own way. They are currently manipulating the former moderates of the Church of Unitology to resurrect their demonic patron, Arch-Demon Akibahara. As servants of Akibahara they are sworn enemies to nearly all.

This group was originally part of the Church of Unitology but became disillusioned with the direction they were going and learned of the lies their religion was built on. This was marching towards convergence in the form of having their bio-mass repurposed as Necromorphs, a bestial species only capable of killing and converting what already exists into a more favourable environment for the Brethren Moons to be created. That, they felt was unfit for Altman’s vision of a species becoming united in mind, body and spirit in an event called convergence. They believed that was below them and was an insult to the holiness of their religion, that necrotic murderous beasts were the herald of their salvation.

This dissent was almost at breaking point when the coup on Earth occurred, but finally came to a flashpoint when they learnt that the Prophet of their religion, Michael Altman, was a false prophet, and the real founder was a man known as Colonel Markoff, that is when they finally broke off from the now violently fanatical Church of Unitology. As they left the religion they violently denounced the other followers of Unitology as violent morons, whose self-destruction was an affront to their ideals of becoming part of something far larger and far more divine than their own fragile existence.

Then they heard of Arch-Demon Akibahara and his demise from the remnants of The Order, the leadership of the Conversionists believed Akibahara was the best hope of salvation for them, a living diving being, now made dormant, who even in his scattered state was still radiating vast amounts of energy, now they would, with the help of The Order will attempt to recover the body parts of the Arch-Demon, to resurrect him and as reward be ascended to a sate of perfect of harmony and immortality.
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