The Akibahara Paradox

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The Akibahara Paradox Empty The Akibahara Paradox

Post by Jongo McDibbles on Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:40 am

It's been 30 years since the demise of the cosmic entity known as Akibahara – severely weakened by a super weapon known as the Ultimate Nullifier, reducing his size and power, until inevitably facing his demise by the combined forces of The Coalition, G.O.R.E., and other multiversal organizations. The Arch-Demon's body destroyed, ruined into oblivion, was scattered throughout the eons of parallel universes – forever gone. At least, so we thought...

The years went by, decades, and after this momentous occasion, the occult forces of his thralls, demon-worshipping fanatics and doomsday cults worked tirelessly, like rats fleeing from a sinking ship, desperate for a way to save him, recovering fragments of the Arch Demon’s body, no matter how large or miniscule.

While Akibahara is physically deceased, as you and I would understand, considering the demonic nature of his existence, his corpse fluctuates with cosmic energy; now raw and unfocused without his consciousness to discipline his power. As a result, the regions where his limbs lie have corrupted the flora, fauna and the very laws of science themselves. The cult-like army of Akibahara can feel his presence, his dark radiant energy, and will stop at nothing, killing and abducting in the name of their Lord.

Their ultimate goal? Retrieve every fragment, every bone, every misbegotten muscle and sinew of the Great Arch-Demon and resurrect him, crowning him as King and Ruler of the Universes. The result would be catastrophic.
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