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Post by Jongo McDibbles on Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:15 pm

The Conversionists

The Conversion Theory of Unitology is one of “Enlightenment and Ascendance”, as opposed to the Convergence theory of “Transformation and Rebirth”. While still believing that the Marker is divine, they also believe the Necromorphs are demonic in nature and thus they see the overcoming of the Marker Signal and Necromorphs as a crusade against evil in the name of Enlightenment. The Conversionists believe that while the Marker is the means to make new life, they also believe it is flawed and should be used as a prototype for our own, and until such a moment of Enlightenment is achieved and the Marker is understood, cybernetics and extending their own lives by any means necessary is the path to their ascendance in this life. They view death as the chance of another life, to be reincarnated, but depending on your actions in this life are what dictates what form you are reincarnated into.  

That was until they discovered the origin of the Markers and the lies surrounding the founding of the Church of Unitology. Once this knowledge became known to them, they violently broke off of from the rest of the Church, save the Inner Circle, who had declared them Infidels upon the formation of the Conversionist movement and once the Circle launched their coup against EarthGov, the Conversionists were targeted as well. The Conversionists reacted violently to such news and direct action against them. As a result the Conversionists made a great exodus from the Human Colonies across the Galaxy, launching a Fighting Retreat as they went, engaging hostile Unitologists and Necromorphs alike as they went. But also, rescuing trapped innocents and bystanders as they went, earning the organizations heroic reputation and Kurtz’s own image as a holy crusader.

They fled to the outer rims of the Milky Way. Where the last remnants of The Order in any real strength contacted them, and told them a censored version of the tale of Arch-Demon Akibahara, their leadership, now fragmented and indecisive, swore to aid The Order, in exchange for him ensuring their Ascendance.

Key Figures

Colonel John Kurtz – A former EarthGov Special Forces Colonel who served during the Resource Wars, his tactics were known to be unorthodox but highly effective, so much so that he and his unit were known for being highly decorated but brutal soldiers. After being honourably discharged from the military because of health reasons he turned to religion to help sooth his mind, he quickly found the Church of Unitology and then The Conversionists, who he joined and met his wife, Annabelle in the church, they soon had a son called Walter. He rose to becoming a priest in a matter of a few years and then an Arch-Bishop in the space of 6 months.
When the Inner Circle attempted to destroy the Conversionists, Kurtz and his cadre of priests were the only survivors of the Administration of the Conversionists. In the ensuing chaos he became separated from his Wife and Son, he called the retreat knowing full well he was sealing his family’s fate.
His mental health has become more and more unstable as he fights for his own survival and the lives of all Three Thousand under his protection.

The Conversionists  WalterKurtz

The Iron Golem AKA: Regimental Sergeant Major Markus Solomon – Not unlike Kurtz himself, he is a highly charismatic and practical man who has followed the doctrine of the Conversionists since his early childhood. Kurtz and Solomon share a long history together, both serving in the same regiment for nearly quarter of a century together. Kurtz was discharged following Solomon’s serious injury in a bomb blast, rendering the RSM limbless, blind, deaf and mute. Solomon’s determination to live in order to ascend left Kurtz in awe and caused him to make the decision follow the religion.
Solomon has earned the nickname The Iron Golem because of his choice to have a militarized life-support suit commissioned for him to be implanted into.  He communicated these wishes through Morse code by moving his head up and down or side to side. This suit and both Kurtz’s Solomon’s experience in combat are the reasons the Conversionists were not utterly decapitated when the Inner Circle struck at them.

The Conversionists  640x906_9814_Helldiver_trojan_apu_2d_sci_fi_mech_robot_picture_image_digital_art

Osmund Saddler – A High-priest of the Conversionists, the left hand of Kurtz, and his domain is the one of the spirit. He tends to the religious and spiritual needs of the Conversionists, often the one attending the far more garish and decadent festivals and rituals of the Conversionists, rather than Kurtz himself. He is more devout and evangelical than both Kurtz and Solomon; his way is the way of fanaticizing the followers of Conversionism to worship him and Kurtz as Prophetic figures and Akibahara as an angelic being come to lead them to their ascension from this mortal coil.

The Conversionists  Latest?cb=20130820192143

Equipment and Organization

Much like Kurtz’s former Regiment, these men and women who make up the fighting force of the Conversionists are known to be brutal, disciplined and well equipped.

They favour lightning-fast strikes in which the ground forces are deployed onto the field from large rounded dropships with covering fire from smaller, but formidable and angular gunships that swoop and strafe as they deliver death to threats from the ground or from the sky.

The ground troops are organized into platoons of 30 soldiers who are armed with shortened Pulse Rifles designed for use by paratroopers. Their armour is quite modern, with its own 60 second oxygen supply for use in hard vacuum as well as thrusters located on the shoulders and ankles for manoeuvring in zero-g. The armour is able to withstand quite a bit of punishment, they are resistant to gunfire, puncturing and environmental hazards.

The “Convertors” as they call themselves are utterly fearless and devoted to their cause; many are cyborgs who have replaced limbs and organs due to injury, illness or personal choice, further enhancing their abilities.
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